Sutton Northern Gateway Project

In Sutton, we’re committed to creating vibrant, inclusive, and thriving spaces for our community. The Sutton Northern Gateway Project is a visionary initiative that aims to transform the northern region of Sutton Town Centre, breathing new life into this important retail and leisure destination. This project is set to redefine the landscape, enhancing connectivity, and fostering economic growth while preserving the unique character of Sutton.

The Heart of Sutton Town Centre

The Sutton Town Centre, designated as a Metropolitan Centre, serves as a bustling hub of activity and commerce. The Northern Gateway area, with its strong linear form, extends from the South at the Station to the North at the Old Gasworks site and Sutton Green. It is divided into four distinct quarters, each offering a unique blend of amenities and opportunities.

The Village Quarter

The Village Quarter embraces the heritage of Sutton, with its charming streetscapes and historic buildings. This area showcases the borough’s rich history while offering a range of independent shops, cafes, and local businesses. As part of the Northern Gateway Project, efforts are underway to enhance the area’s character, making it an even more vibrant and inviting space.

The Exchange Quarter

The Exchange Quarter represents a dynamic space for commerce and enterprise. This business-focused area houses a mix of offices, co-working spaces, and retail units, attracting a diverse range of professionals and entrepreneurs. The Northern Gateway Project aims to further develop this area, creating an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and economic growth.

The Civic Quarter

As the name suggests, the Civic Quarter is home to Sutton’s civic institutions and cultural landmarks. This area exudes a sense of community, with the Sutton Civic Offices and cultural venues like Sutton Library. The Northern Gateway Project seeks to enhance the civic amenities and create inviting public spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Station Quarter

The Station Quarter serves as a bustling transportation hub, connecting Sutton to the wider region. It provides excellent transport links, including the Sutton train station and bus interchange. The Northern Gateway Project recognises the importance of this quarter, aiming to improve accessibility, connectivity, and the overall experience for commuters and visitors alike.

A Transformation for the Future

The Sutton Northern Gateway Project represents a pivotal moment in Sutton’s ongoing development. It showcases our commitment to creating a sustainable, prosperous, and people-centric environment. By revitalising these quarters and improving connectivity, we’re creating spaces that attract businesses, foster community engagement, and provide enhanced amenities for all.

The Northern Gateway Project is an invitation to reimagine the potential of Sutton’s Town Centre. It is a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that inspire, connect, and empower our community. As we move forward with this transformative project, we invite you to be a part of Sutton’s exciting journey towards a brighter future.

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