Area Renewal and Regeneration: Hackbridge

Sutton Council has a grand vision for Hackbridge – to transform it into a One Planet suburb by 2025. The goal is to pilot sustainable interventions in Hackbridge, based on the principles of One Planet Living, and then expand successful initiatives to the rest of the borough. This ambitious plan requires innovative approaches beyond regulatory functions and funding limitations. The Council aims to demonstrate community leadership, leveraging the engagement, partnerships, and resources of various stakeholders, including residents, community groups, businesses, and the Council itself.

Hackbridge was selected as a front runner for neighbourhood planning in 2011, and a dedicated steering group was formed to involve the local community in shaping the area’s development. To further support the area’s growth and vitality, the Council secured funding for public realm improvements through the Mayor’s Outer London Fund. These improvements aimed to create shared spaces with widened pavements, encouraging people to linger and enjoy the area. The success of these changes led to the piloting of a popular Farmers’ Market and the hosting of Dr Bike Sessions, providing free bike maintenance and security checks for families.

Additional projects have included the restoration of the River Wandle at Culvers Island to enhance biodiversity, improvements to Hackbridge Station and landscaping at platform 2, and the creation of the Mile Road Pocket Park. These initiatives demonstrate the commitment of Sutton Council and its partners to making Hackbridge a sustainable and thriving community.

If you’re passionate about shaping your neighbourhood, you can join the Hackbridge and Beddington Corner Neighbourhood Development Group to get involved in the ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable and vibrant Hackbridge. For more information on the public realm improvements in Hackbridge, visit the Heart of Hackbridge page on the Sutton Council website. Together, we can build a brighter and greener future for Hackbridge and beyond.

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