Sutton, a principal town in the London Borough of Sutton, is not just a place of residence but also a significant economic hub. Its economic landscape is shaped by several large international companies, a bustling shopping area, and a strong connection to the healthcare and research sectors.

A Commercial Hub

Sutton is home to the sixth most important shopping area in London, centred on Sutton High Street. This bustling commercial hub is a significant contributor to the local economy, attracting shoppers from across the region and supporting a wide range of retail businesses. The presence of large international companies in the town also contributes to its economic vitality.

A Strong Connection to Healthcare and Research

Sutton is home to the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research, where there are plans to create the world’s second-biggest cancer research campus. This connection to the healthcare and research sectors not only provides employment opportunities for residents but also positions Sutton at the forefront of medical research and innovation.

A Thriving Transport Network

Sutton’s robust transport network, including its large railway station with frequent services to central London and other destinations, supports the town’s economy by facilitating the movement of people and goods. This connectivity makes Sutton an attractive location for businesses and contributes to its economic growth.


Sutton’s economy is diverse and dynamic, reflecting its status as a significant metropolitan centre in the London Plan. Its commercial hub, connection to the healthcare and research sectors, and robust transport network all contribute to its economic vitality. As Sutton continues to grow and evolve, its economy is likely to continue to strengthen and diversify.