• Matching Skills with Demand in the London Borough of Sutton

    The London Borough of Sutton is committed to ensuring that the borough’s residents have the skills required to meet the needs of businesses and potential future growth sectors in Sutton. The priorities for growth include: the London Cancer Hub, the Sutton Decentralised Energy Network, Town and District Centre growth and particular sectors such as Life Sciences and Health and Social Care.

    A broad range of organisations shape and deliver the complex skills and employment agenda. In Sutton, partners are brought together through the Employment and Skills Board including representatives from the public, private, and voluntary sectors to ensure a coordinated approach is taken in the shaping of skills and employment policies and their delivery.

    Our Vision: “To make Sutton a borough where business thrives and residents have the skills to meet current and future workforce demands”

    How will we achieve this?

    The Terms of Reference for the Board sets out a business led approach to employment and skills, the priorities for raising skills levels in the borough, increasing employment, and creating sustainable employment opportunities.

    The high level strategic aims are to:

    • plug skills gaps and match skills with local demand
    • up skill residents in preparation for future growth sectors
    • ensure residents have basic employability skills
    • raise the profile of apprenticeships and traineeships

    Our priorities are to:

    • Develop business-led skills provision
    • Support the delivery of the Work and Health Programme
    • Raise the profile of employment opportunities at the London Cancer Hub
    • Promote Apprenticeships


    Sutton Skills Match [PDF]