An extension to Tramlink from Wimbledon to Sutton, via Morden, and onwards to the London Cancer Hub in Belmont is a priority for both Sutton and Merton Councils. Since 2013 the London Borough of Sutton has been working in close collaboration with the London Borough of Merton and Transport for London to make the case for the extension.

An mockup image of how the Tramlink extension to Sutton may look
Sutton and Merton are working with TfL to bring the tram to Sutton

Extending Tramlink to Sutton, via Morden would bring many benefits to both boroughs. These include:

  • Huge economic growth for both boroughs – Estimated to generate £500m GVA and £50m of resident expenditure.
  • Improved access to jobs – 10,000 new jobs and increased access to public transport for 59,000 residents.
  • Increased housing – 10,000 new homes along the whole route.
  • Unlocking the World’s leading life science cluster- Tramlink would unlock the proposed London Cancer Hub in Belmont.
  • Clean and more accessible transport- no local air pollution, lower CO2 emissions with trams able to carrying twice as many passengers as a bus.

In 2014 Sutton in partnership with Merton and TfL carried out a comprehensive consultation. Over 10,000 responses were received and of those that responded to the question “To what extent do you support the proposals” 84% of respondents supported the extension. Please see the full consultation report.

In 2015 Sutton in partnership with Merton and TfL carried out detailed feasibility studies to provide evidence to inform the scheme’s business case. In March 2016 the tramlink extension secured a £100m contribution in the GLA 2016/17 budget to deliver the scheme. Sutton and Merton are continuing to work closely with TfL to undertake feasibility work to deliver the tram to Sutton, via Morden and onwards to the London Cancer Hub.