Sutton 2031

More than 4,900 representations were made by borough residents and stakeholders to Sutton Council’s major consultation into the development and growth of the borough over the next 15 years.

Following the Sutton 2031 consultation, which ran between 18 February and 8 April, asked borough residents to help shape a new Local Plan – the document that provides the planning framework for future development.

A total of 44 consultation events were held across the borough at which local people were able to discuss the Local Plan with council planners.

The consultation included the Town Centre Masterplan and London Cancer Hub Development Framework. The Local Plan designates the location and size of these developments, and also the pace of growth. The number of people working and living in the borough will determine the amount of infrastructure, such as additional schools and improved transport, needed to support them.

Of the 4,900 responses received, 800 related to the Town Centre Masterplan and 350 to the London Cancer Hub Framework.

On 26 February 2018 the London Borough of Sutton adopted the Local Plan as a development plan document (DPD). The Sutton Local Plan sets out the planning strategy and policies for the borough until 2031 and includes an appendix which will appear on the Policies Map.

For more information please visit Sutton Council’s website here.