Market Place Sutton works update – March 2017

15 Mar 2017

1. Uppers:
a. The work to the uppers is continuing. Minor repair works have been completed (e.g. uprooting of a tree growing out of the building) and the paint work are faintly visible through the mesh and the side of KFC.
b. The scaffolding will start to come down from 26th March and will completely be removed in 3 weeks time. To minimise discomfort to the visitors and the shop owners, the removal of the scaffolding will take place only on Sundays.
2. Shopfronts
a. The sign boards of all shops have been removed or are being removed.
b. The new shop fronts and sign boards will start coming up from next week until the end of April.

3. Trees and street furniture
a. It was a very challenging task to find a proper location for the trees, given the labyrinth of services below ground level. After intensive soil testing and digging trial pits, the trees have finally been planted in two locations- near ASDA and at the bottom of the High Street, near Marshall’s Road. It was not possible to plant trees in the third location, outside RBS, due to the location of existing market pitches, which can’t be shifted.
b. A temporary finish of tarmac has been put in place where the excavation took place. This will be removed when the new flooring tiles arrive in about 11 weeks time.
c. The work will resume in June when the coloured terrazo tiles will be delivered (the delivery period is about 11 weeks). The new seating and cycle stands will also be put in place in June.


The total works are likely to be completed by July 2017.