High Street Space Hire

COVID-19 Update

Sutton’s space hire programme is currently suspended in order to support social distancing and government guidance. If you have any queries please email us at Economic.Renewal@Sutton.gov.uk


Space Hire in Sutton

Sutton town centre provides the perfect platform to advertise your business, setup a temporary shop or to put your message across to thousands of potential customers.

Booking In

In order to handle your booking, we ask that all potential clients complete a booking form. Please see the High Street Booking Form here, and send the completed form to​ us at​ opportunitysutton@sutton.gov.uk, we will then get back to you regarding availability and information on how to pay.

Where Can I Book?

Please see the  Space Hire Map ​below ​for the locations which we hire out on ​Sutton​ high street, note that these locations are subject to availability​ and as there is only 1 site available at Wallington and Carshalton. These are not on the map​.

Space Hire Map – August 2018

Is There a Fee?

​All bookings require a space hire ​fee to be paid​ rated at £51.00 per day for Sutton, and £25.50 per day for Wallington and Carshalton​. However, if you are undertaking street trading​ (the sale of goods in exchange for finance details/monies) you would need to acquire a street trading licence​, please note a space hire fee would not be applicable if you are street trading​.

Street Trading License

For more information on single day street trading licences please visit the Sutton Council street trading page here. Once you have had your location agreed please send ​your​ licence application for street trading to the licensing team at licensing@sutton.gov.uk.

Promotional Vehicles

If you wanted to station a promotional vehicle on the high street you would need to acquire parking dispensation for the day, this is rated at £12 per day per vehicle. ​All of ​the high street gates are open​​ from 6am until 10am for access. ​T​he gate between Peacocks and Metro Bank can be used to exit the high street​ after your event for those who have acquired parking dispensation​. Please make sure to exit the high street after 5pm. All unauthorised vehicles will be subject parking enforcement control.

Note that the High Street is ​a ​pedestrianised area and ​a Traffic Management Order​ enforced by the parking and highways department​ only permits vehicles to enter this area between the hours of 6am and 10am​. Please b​ear​ this in mind if you are using heavy equipment for your promotion and need to use a vehicle to collect your goods. There are 2 loading bay located at the end of St Nicholas Road which can used for loading, please check the enforcement signs for guidance.


For any other queries please email us at opportunitysutton@sutton.gov.uk.