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Sutton Uplift Employment Service

What the Employment service offers?
The Covid-19 pandemic is having an impact on peoples Jobs placing many at risk of being made redundant, being placed on Furlough with many employers having to seek government support through the Job Retention Scheme.

Employment support is available for people referred and receiving treatment from Sutton Uplift Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service and who are:

  • Out of work both short and long term unemployed who want to get into paid employment
  • In work and need help and support to stay in employment
  • In work and want support to find / get another job including a career change

Personalised support tailored to the individual’s needs to find employment:

  • Advice and career guidance;
  • Motivation, confidence building and assertiveness skills
  • CV writing, job search and interviewing skills
  • Disclosure of mental health within the workplace
  • Signposting to benefits and debt counselling
  • Partnership working with Job Centre Plus (JCP) and other providers
  • Job Club – peer support and partner agency working

Personalised support to retain employment include:

  • Adjustments in the workplace
  • Management of employment and employer-related issues
  • Developing self-management strategies at work
  • Support and strategies to return to work after sick leave
  • Attendance at workplace, Sickness Review and Mediation meetings
  • Liaison with HR and Occupational health departments
  • Help to look for more suitable jobs whilst still employed
  • Supporting in signposting for legal matters within the workplace and supporting during the process.

Who is Eligible for the Employment Service?

You can be referred to employment support if you are having or expected to receive Therapeutic treatment within our service following a telephone screening/assessment.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our services or think we could be of help you can contact us on:
Tel: 0800 032 1411 (Freephone)
Tel: 020 3513 4044 (charged at your network rate)
Option 1 for IAPT or Wellbeing, including queries regarding appointments.
Option 2 for Sutton Assessment Team and Primary Care Recovery Team
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm


RIFT Group – A Guide to Tax Debt and Mental Health

RIFT Group have released a thorough guide on how to care for one’s mental health when dealing with debt, and offers plenty of valuable information on the impact of debt to mental health, the different kinds of debt (e.g. tax debt), and how they can be a key source of stress, depression, and anxiety if not planned and managed properly. Advice for dealing with debt such as setting up a Debt Management Plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), qualifying for a Debt Relief Order (DRO), or even filing bankruptcy to get some protection and keep life essentials like pension savings safe from creditors.

The guide also includes information on what to do if debt problems begin affecting your mental health, including recognising the symptoms and early warning signs of mental health problems associated with debt, as well as advice on where to turn to for help and support.

Other useful information and resources, including debt charities and organisations that are dedicated to helping people conquer their debt problems.

Guide to Tax Debt and Mental Health​

Ezra – Remote Working & Mental Health: A Young Professional’s Guide

Ezra have released a guide offering information such as:

  • Why remote working has become the new normal due to lockdowns – An estimated 30% of the workforce could be home-based by the end of 2021.
  • How remote working can significantly affect physical and mental health.
  • Different ways you can alleviate stress when working from home, such as creating a comfortable work environment and taking regular breaks.
  • How employers can help to make working from home healthier and less stressful for their employees.

Guide to Remote Working and Mental Health

St Helier Community Food Shop at Hill House

The food shop is a membership scheme that works by providing local residents with the ability to choose 12–15 food items a week (worth approximately £15) for the price of £3. The food will be provided by the Felix Project (a London-based food redistribution charity that collects high-quality and nutritious surplus food and redistributes it to community initiatives). Membership is for six months and can be cancelled at any time.

The main aims of the food shop are to help local people save money on food shopping bills and reduce food waste. Members are required to engage with services offering advice and support on education, training, employment, health and wellbeing, and financial resilience. The objective of this project is to address underlying needs within the household which may relate to debt, low-income, or lack of opportunity to access employment.

Residents can sign up for membership by completing this form or calling 020 8915 2000

Community Foodshop

The Foodshop is to help families and individuals struggling on low income and finding it difficult to make ends meet.

There is a small weekly membership fee of £3 a week. In return, you can choose from approximately 12 items of non-perishable, chilled and frozen food. These items are of greater value than the weekly membership fee, so will reduce your weekly shopping bill.

The Foodshop also provides access to additional support from other agencies such as Citizens Advice, Sutton Housing Partnership, the Welfare Reform team and others.

To subscribe to this membership please follow the link here. Payment is online via Direct Debit or PayPal. If you have any problems registering or making a payment please contact

For more information, please visit their page on the Sutton Community Works website.