Protecting your business

There are five key steps to protecting your business identified in the “Protect your Business” guidance from London Prepared, which will help your business to continue operating during an incident, or return to operating as quickly as possible:

1.Identify the potential risks to your business and understand the impact they could have.

The London Borough of Sutton Risk Register identifies the different hazards that may occur in Sutton, their potential impacts and how much of a risk they are. The list of risks is not exhaustive in a business sense; considerations should also be taken into account for additional hazards that may affect organisations such as IT failures, loss of communications, lack of staff and supply chain disruptions.

2. Plan and prepare for the risks that are most likely to impact you.

You can start this process by taking the 10 minute Business Continuity Self-Assessment and completing the Business Continuity template for micro-businesses.

3. Document key contacts using the templates provided on the London Prepared Website.

4. Check that you’re fully insured and that all documentation is stored safely.

5. Contact your Local Authority and register with business networks.

Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) was developed by Metropolitan Police, Transport for London and business representatives, and provides trusted and verified information across London.

CSSC works in both private and public sector organisations through industry sector leads and allows you to receive alerts and information that may be relevant to your business. To register and receive alerts for your sector, visit the CSSC website.