Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

A BID is a not for profit business-­led and business funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area and is a beneficial way of bringing business communities together. BIDs allow the business community to act together to improve their operating environment, attract additional investment and provide a unique opportunity to take ownership of the management of their area in partnership with the public sector.

Sutton’s BIDs’ objectives closely align with the Borough’s economic strategic objectives of growth and enterprise, inward investment and business retention. As well managed, governed and transparent not for profit bodies, each of Sutton’s BIDs are key partners in the Borough’s future ambitions, Sutton 2031, including a new Local Plan, the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan and our strategic industrial locations.

Sutton BIDs


Successful Sutton - Sutton Town Centre

Successful Sutton was established in October 2012 with the remit of funding projects, services and events to improve the town centre for the benefit of businesses, employees and visitors in four key areas:

  • Increasing footfall and spend in the town centre
  • Raising the town centre’s profile through marketing and events
  • Ensuring the town centre remains safe and secure
  • Delivering value for money for business levy payers

020 8643 9304


Kimpton Industrial Park Proprietors Association (KIPPA) - Kimpton Industrial Estate

KIPPA have been lobbying for years to improve the infrastructure due to our rapid expansion over the last few years.

The Board will continue working with Sutton Council and others to ensure that the members are able to expand their businesses, create jobs and enjoy a safer working environment.

Crime prevention and this project are KIPPA’s main priority. Kimpton will be represented in all matters concerning the Industrial Park, local residents and the Police.


Beddington for Business - Beddington Industrial Area

The Beddington strategic industrial location is one of the largest employment locations in the South East London sub-region, and the land. The strategic industrial location represents 70% of the Sutton’s employment land and 55% of the total built industrial floor space.

In October 2015,  businesses across Beddington Industrial Area voted to form a Business Improvement District (BID). The BID steering group has identified the main priorities for improving Beddington industrial area and created a five year business plan for their area.

Michelle Baker, Beddington BID Development Manager,  07527 016 338