Click&Collect – Huddersfield

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Independent retailers from Huddersfield in Yorkshire have digitalised their High Street, offering customers the opportunity to view & reserve products sold in local shops. Products bought are reserved in the shop, after which customers can pick them up. The idea behind this system is that people don’t have to wait for the post to bring the items they bought, but can immediately pick them up.

The site collects the products on sale in local High Street shops that have signed up. Up to date, 34 shops have put their products online. Customers can also see information on featured offers and sign up to weekly newsletters with offers.

Once people have reserved an item, they only have to collect and pay. Paying online is not possible. Prices are usually lower, but never higher than in the shop.

A local entrepreneur developed the site in response to enthusiasm from local independent retailers. Important for the retailers was that people would still come to the shop to pick up their items. In that way, customers can still benefit from the customer service and expertise that retailers can offer.