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Camden Town Unlimited developed a mobile telephone application to raise the profile of Camden Town Centre after the riots that took place in the Summer of 2011.

The app includes five sections:

– Wedge, a way to receive local discounts
– Guide, a guide to the best shops, markets, restaurants, bars and venues to explore Camden Town, with the help of nationally known celebrities
– News, updates on Camden Town and shop discounts
– Social,everything about what’s happening, where it’s happening, and who is going
– Report,to report local issues, such as abandoned shopping trolleys or uncollected rubbish bins

Within 4 months after the launch the app was downloaded 37,000 times and had received media coverage in 20 major editorial papers and online platforms ranging from The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and London Evening Standard.

Local shops were reporting that customers used the app to get discounts and said the app had improved their footfall and sales. It was calculated that the application, thanks to a high PR-value, had a cost return ratio of 3.5 to 1 within 4 months

The costs for the app were quite high – Design & production was £65k, while marketing & PR £85k. The costs were covered by income raised through the Business Improvement District.