Your Space – Plymouth

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In Plymouth, a range of local organisations collaborated in a new way to market empty spaces. Under the name “Plymouth Your Space” empty spaces around the city are being promoted via the Council’s website. Local entrepreneurs and organisations can apply to use a space at lower rates, on a temporary basis.

Not only are vacant shops in the city centre on offer, but also public spaces along the city’s attractive waterfront. There are about 20 spaces on offer.
One of these spaces was picked up by local art organisation Effervescent. They used an empty bank at Derry’s Cross to open a tea parlour as the first part of a plan to turn the premises into an art gallery, rehearsal space and creative business incubation hub.

The local Task Force reviews on average 2 or 3 applications to use a space per month. Plymouth Your Space won two awards from the Association of Town and City Management, in the categories ‘diversifying the business mix’ and “national partnership of the year”.