Street Art – Bristol

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North Street in Bristol gets a remake every year thanks to the yearly Upfest street art festival. The high street facades, walls and shop window shutters are repainted to become an open-air exhibition of the work of some of the world’s most famous street artists.

Originally conceived to get a group of 20 like-minded artists together for a day of painting in Bristol, once the word was out, the first festival quickly grew to 50 artists. After 6 years, Upfest now has become Europe’s largest Urban Arts Festival with over 300 different artists and up to 25,000 visitors coming to the area.

Upfest’s impact is not limited to the yearly festival. To retain interest all year long, Upfest also has a permanent gallery on North Street. And over the last three festivals Upfest has worked with a local charity Nacoa, raising funds and awareness for local children who have alcohol or drug dependent family members.

Upfest contributes to turning around North Street’s decline. North Street now is a Portas Pilot project and a Business Improvement District and was nominated for a Great Street Award from the Academy of Urbanism in 2014.