New Signage – Sheffield

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Sheffield Antiques Quarter is an already vibrant part of Sheffield and one of the city’s main destinations, consisting of 35 shops specialising in all sorts of retro, vintage, arts, antiques and salvage shops as well as cafes. In 2013 local traders organised themselves into the Sheffield Antiques Quarter to promote the area. After setting up a market and an area trail, they now have taken the initiative to further promote the area and their businesses through better signage. The idea is that new signage will give the Antiques Quarter a more clear identity, help visitors to move around the area, and give them information about the local shops.

The plan includes a wide variety of signage:

– place banners on key lampposts and buildings throughout the quarter
– 6 information points in the area
– art based projects including mosaics, lettering and mural work on key buildings and gable ends
– pavement based signage including murals to further enhance and identify an already available area trail

Crucially, to attract potential visitors from other areas, the plan also includes brown signage (ie approved transport signage) at key points in and around Sheffield. The project is part funded by Sheffield Council (through “in-kind” donations) and by the traders themselves (from membership money). The group hopes to fundraise the rest of the required amount via Spacehive.