This toolkit aims to support community-led initiatives that help revitalise Sutton’s High Streets.

The toolkit can help guide you in taking an idea and turning it into a reality. If you don’t have an idea yet but are passionate about your community then have a look at the inspiring projects others have organised in Sutton and around the UK.

Each section of the toolkit gives you advice on:

– how to develop your idea
– how to organise a group
– how to “manage” your project
– what fundraising opportunities there are
– what licenses and insurances you need and how to get them
– how to publicise your initiative
– who to speak to from Sutton Council and where to find more detailed information

Ambitious ideas are great but if you are just starting out there is nothing wrong with starting small and learning along the way. Remember, small projects can have a big impact!

The toolkit is also a space to exchange experiences and learn from each other. If you are part of an initiative to help one of Sutton’s High Streets, we want to know about it. You can get in touch with us and share your experiences through the project form.

The toolkit is an Opportunity Sutton project which has been developed in partnership with Clear Village Charitable Trust and in collaboration with Sutton residents, traders and council members.