How you and your community can make changes

The Local Centres Regeneration Toolkit

Organising an event can be a great way to draw people to the High Street. Events can be about almost anything, from a music or theatre performance, a book exchange, a photo exhibition or a tasting event of what’s on offer on the High Street.

The Local Centres Regeneration Toolkit sets out guidance on how to organise events for less than 500 people in easy step by step stages. It helps you identify who you need to go to for guidance and advice; what licences and other forms, if any, you need to complete; and includes useful tips and guidance on how to run an event. The Toolkit also includes examples of events which have taken place across London in order to give you some inspiration for your own neighbourhood.

For more information on how to run your own event please go to the Event Planning page of Sutton Council.

GLA Spacehive Funding

This initiative by the Mayor of London is aimed at creating more innovative places by helping Londoners to crowd fund project ideas on Spacehive. Projects which are particularly supported are those that boost quality of life and the economy. Last year the Rosehill traders Association were successful in securing £13,000 funding from the GLA which has helped deliver a renewed market.

In this latest round of funding, the Mayor will pledge up to £20,000 towards the crowdfunding targets of the best projects this June. You can find out more information on the Spacehive website.