Opportunity Sutton

The Opportunity Sutton Vision is built upon an integrated and mutually supporting set of priorities: Prosperity, People and Place, which we will promote and drive forward with our partners over the next three years.

The programme is based within the Economic Development, Planning and Sustainability service but its success lies in a whole Council support for the vision.  Working across departments and with partners in business, retail, education, development and housing, we are investing in homes, projects and services to ensure the Council can deliver solutions to the challenges being faced by modern business. Our common goal is to build the physical, social and investment infrastructure which allows current and future residents and businesses to thrive.

“Our vision is for Sutton to be an enterprising, enabling borough; that welcomes new entrepreneurs and social enterprises; nurtures its business base and removes barriers to enterprise. Sutton already offers an unrivalled place to live and we are proud of the levels of skill and entrepreneurship of our residents. Opportunity Sutton reflects our commitment extending this competitive edge over our neighbours in order to make Sutton a magnet for investment by businesses wishing to grow and prosper.”

Cllr Jayne McCoy